RStudio and RShiny package install

This chapter describes the installation of R packages and servers to create a data science workbench. Deployments using Docker, e.g., are easier to install, however, using system users (e.g. AD users provided via winbind) for the RStudio user management requires a non-docker install.

Assuming the VM runs Ubuntu 14.04 “Trusty Tahr”:


Configure as in Data Science Workbench.

Notes on Shiny’s app dir:

  • RStudio Server lets ubuntu access files only in own home directory /home/ubuntu.
  • RShiny Server can use any directory as app directory, default is /srv/shiny-server.
  • The external volume has enough space (100GB) and can be snapshotted (btrfs).
  • The correct folders have already been created in the DevOps chapter.
  • /srv/shiny-server is a symlink to /mnt/btrfsvol/shiny-server.
  • The user ubuntu’s home directory contains another symlink to /srv/shiny-server.